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April 2, 2011 / hollywoodreporter35

Top 5 tech job boards

Top 5 tech job boards


great article

March 31, 2011 / hollywoodreporter35

Rebecca Black offered to star in commercial for CBCJobs

March 25, 2011

Fullerton, CA

Rebecca Black offered to start in commercial for a job search site,

Rebecca Black’s hit song “Friday”, has been going viral on Youtube, garnering almost 67 million views in just a few weeks. And guess what folks? Rebecca has received an invitation to star in her first ever commercial! We recently got a tip that the people at a hugely popular free job search site,, has been in contact with Rebecca’s music label, ARK Music Factory, regarding creating a commercial for starring Rebecca. While the shoot is not finalized, this should signal the beginning of sponsorship deals for the 13 year old, which could result in her quickly becoming a millionaire, thanks to her youtube fame.


March 28, 2011 / hollywoodreporter35

3 things you MUST KNOW about technical recruiting

tech job board

Recruiting for technical positions is quite different than recruiting for positions such as finance, accounting, management. With the recent rise of demand for IT professionals, fueled by Silicon Valley’s latest string of hot startups and successes such as Facebook, technical recruiting is hotter than ever. However, the HR professional wanting to jump into the tech game faces some formidable challenges.

1) Technical know-how

Technical recruiting often requires good knowledge of the industry and ability to scan tech resumes to determine if a candidate is a good fit. Therefore, it helps to concentrate on an area of tech, such as ERP, for example, and read up on it to raise your knowledge of the field.

2) Choose the companies you work for

While there are a myriad of startups, they are often short on funds and are very picky on who they hire. In other words: they might be wasting your time. Try to get bigger companies as clients, and you’ll go further with one of them, than with 10 startups.

3) Tech candidates are not desperate

While the majority of the unemployed are desperate for any work, tech applicants are usually picky about who they work for. And this is more true the higher up on the know-how and salary ladder you get. Therefore, you literally have to court the tech talent as much as they have to court you. Have clear job descriptions and be prepared to use email more than phone.

March 25, 2011 / hollywoodreporter35

CBCJobs – the early days – the early days

Today I was browsing through my pics folder and stumbled upon these two images circa 2008. One of them is me working in my room on the site and the other is a screen shot of the early version of the site. These are from February 2008. Vintage stuff! Enjoy 🙂

serge working on cbcjobs circa 2008

serge working on cbcjobs circa 2008

screen capture - 2008 - cbcjobs beta

screen capture - 2008 - cbcjobs beta





Read more about CBCJobs here

February 24, 2011 / hollywoodreporter35

Google adsense getting shady with bid amounts

google adsense is getting kind of shady lately

now they seem to be manipulating bid amounts to get unnecessarily high bids from you even though there is no competitors for the keyword.

ok so we’ve been trying to put an ad under a competitors site, lets call it, so basically when someone google “xyzcareers”, they should see our ad link. At the beginning, first page bid was 15 cents. While at that rate, our ad got over 3,000 impressions but no clicks. I guess google didn’t like that, lo and behold 3 days later, minimum bid was 40 cents, even though there was only like 3-4 advertisers for that keyword in total! why did the first page bid go up then? i don’t know … and now, about a week later, it’s up to $1.00! at least thats what it shows on our account … clearly it’s artificially inflated since it’s literally only 1-3 advertisers for that keyword.  very shady…

February 19, 2011 / hollywoodreporter35

Facebook is overvalued! Not worth $60 billion

By Serge Bronstein, founder and CEO of – free job search


Latest evaluations peg Facebook at a value of over $67 billion dollars. That is a huge amount. And there is no question that this company is overvalued. This doesn’t mean that the current investors will lose money, as the stock is likely to rise after the IPO, as the general population will snag the stock fueled by all the hype. But the rise will not last long, and the stock is bound to drop. Of course, a lot of the investors will sell it at this point, getting very rich in the process. For a past example, look no further than Netscape.

Facebook claims it’s annual revenues are about $850 million. Even if that was true, what warrants a $67 billion evaluation. Look at regular business and figures of annual revenue vs sales price. It is typical to find an auto repair business with annual revenues of $1.5 million to be sold for $800,000! That is because it’s actual profits are probably around $300,000. Yet Facebook is valued at nearly 100 times it’s annual REVENUE figure. Again, we are not even sure what their profits are until the IPO actually happens. Zuckerberg is probably against the IPO because he doesn’t want the world to see how low Facebook’s profits are. It’s all about the hype, folks.

As a webmaster of a website that is in a lot of ways similar to Facebook ( – free job search) , I have direct experience with the business model that Facebook employs, which is attracting visitors and generating revenue from advertising. And I can say that this model is not the greatest money maker ever invented, far from it. Firstly, it takes a large investment of manpower and machine power to run large sites. No, they do not run themselves, issues constantly arise that have to be fixed and addressed. And aside from Google Adsense, there are very few advertising programs that generate any sort of money.

But look at Google, you say. Google is doing well. Yes, it is. But Facebook is no Google. Not even close. Firstly, look at the click-through rates. Facebook’s are very low, estimated to be about 0.04% on average. Even 0n my own site, CBCJobs, average click-through rate for Adsense is above 2%. As for other types of advertising, it’s much lower, but still higher than 0.04. You can also compare Facebook to Yahoo, but even in that comparison, Yahoo doesn’t fare too well. Yahoo has several successful web properties, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance, facebook only has And, while people come to Google and Yahoo to search for information, or to learn something, Facebook’s visitors are there mostly for mindless chat, or to spy on other people. This is not to say that Facebook’s is completely useless or that its advertising doesn’t work at all, just that it’s much less effective than other sites, which reiterates this article’s title – Facebook is overvalued.


February 13, 2011 / hollywoodreporter35

CBCJobs launches Free Applicant Tracking System, a job site and a FREE applicant tracking system with superior functionality and ease of use, has been launched, after several months of development and beta-testing. combines a very easy to use interface with powerful functionality to produce a superior employment website that is easy to use for both job seekers and employers.

CBCJobs offers a robust back-end complete with job posting and management, distribution to job aggregation sites such as Indeed and SimplyHired. All candidates are tracked in an internal database, which is searchable. The applicant tracking system is built solidly, providing a great solution to medium to small businesses in need of managing their recruiting efforts.

The company behind CBCJobs is Sebron, a long-time developer of Internet websites, among which are, and Sebron has been developing Internet applications since 2004. It is privately funded and headquartered in Fullerton, California. represents a significant improvement in functionality and flexibility over its competitors. It introduces the ability to use a single account for both looking for and posting jobs. It’s interface is extremely simple to use and registration is quick and easy. Users are able to switch between employer and job seeker accounts easily. Our direct competitors are, and

For job seekers, the job hunting process is greatly simplified. Once a job seeker has found a employment opportunity they like, they click on “APPLY”. Registration takes only a few seconds, the user is only required to enter their email and password. After the user confirms their email, the system asks them to fill out a short profile with their name, address, phone and an optional resume. This process is much easier and quicker than on other job websites. Once a job seeker has applied for a job, their application is saved and is available to view later.

Employers will also find it very easy to navigate around the website. gives employers the ability to list jobs under multiple distinct companies – no more need to create different accounts for each company. Employers can create and modify jobs before actually paying for them. This lets employers create and preview the job to make sure they are satisfied with it, and then activate it at a later time. A job can also be deactivated at any moment if a candidate has been hired. uses a credit system for payment, which also makes it very easy to purchase jobs and create discounts for posting multiple jobs.