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April 13, 2011 / hollywoodreporter35

CBCJobs reaches 1 million users, becomes major player in job search

There is a new player in the big leagues of job search portals, and it’s radically improving the way we search for jobs., a portal that combines job search and social networking, has reached a user base of more than 1 million users as of March 2011. Launched in early 2008, the site lets employers and job seekers make personal connections. seeks to radically improve the way we look for jobs. While a relative newcomer in the big leagues of job search portals, and it’s already taking a significant chunk of the multi-billion dollar HR  industry.

Imagine looking at a job listing and seeing the name of the actual person who posted it. Imagine being able to add this person to your network, introduce yourself, make an invaluable personal connection and boost your chances of landing a job, all before even applying? You can do just that with CBCJobs, a unique social job search portal developed by a company in Southern California. The concept is proving to be popular – the site has been experiencing tremendous growth recently.

Do not make any mistake about it, CBCJobs is first and foremost a job searchsite. What makes it different is that its users can interconnect, making the environment social, instead of one-sided and private.

Recruiters and HR professionals posting jobs are finding CBCJobs to be more useful than the big job boards. “CBC Jobs has been invaluable to me by bringing in a lot of strong, qualified candidates for each of the jobs I’ve posted.” says Matt, a technical recruiter based in Los Angeles.

Considering the incredible growth that Facebook has been experiencing as of late, it’s clear that users embrace the social aspect of the Internet. The concept of integrating job search and making it social seems to have been just what people were looking for, and CBCJobs seems to be on the right track to take full advantage of its current leadership position in the social job search niche.

About CBCJobs

Founded in 2007, CBCJobs is privately held and located in Fullerton, CA.


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  1. Michele Laber / Jun 10 2011 2:57 am

    Love your site! Thanks for a simplified process for applying for jobs!!! Refreshing.

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