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February 12, 2011 / hollywoodreporter35

Origins of man: Aliens & Monkeys

Origins of Man

ABSTRACT: Man came from cross-breeding of aliens and apes millions of years ago.

I have been pondering the origins of man. The current theory suggests that man comes from the apes and has somehow evolved from the ape. Yet, they are unable to explain why humans have been evolving so rapidly, yet apes have pretty much stayed where they have been for thousands, if not millions of years, pretty much like all the other animals. If you look at the way animals evolve, it has little in common with the way man evolves. Animals do adapt to their natural surroundings, for example birds growing beaks, zoo animals adapting to life in the zoo etc. But if you look at human progress, even a short period of time such as 100 years brings remarkable change.

Modern humans have appeared about 1.5 million years ago (Wikipedia, Human Evolution), they were called Homo Habilis. However, Homo Sapiens, or modern man, has only been around since about 250,000 years ago. The article also notes that human DNA is 98.4 similar to chimp DNA. To summarize, the information points out that humans are very similar to monkeys, yet they have distinct characteristics that monkeys don’t have. In fact, I will go further and state that humans have characteristics that no other animal organism on earth possesses. These characteristics have allowed man to evolve and become the dominant living form on planet earth.

So which characteristics or traits do humans possess that no other animal on earth possesses. Firstly, let’s note superior intellect. It is clear that humans are the smartest beings on the planet. And not just the smartest, but by far the smartest. You could say that humans rule planet Earth. Why are humans given such superiority in nature? Why isn’t there a competing animal or a similarly smart creature? Humans also evolve like no other creature on earth. No other creature has such extensive language, emotions. No other creature has sex just for fun. No other creature possesses a concept of humor or laughter. I could go on and on…

Remarkably, with so many unique characteristics, humans are surprisingly similar to other earthly creatures as well. Humans have hearts, lungs, four appendages like countless other mammals on earth. The way the human body works is almost exactly similar to monkeys, for example, but even not too far from creatures such as cats or dogs. So, to summarize, people are very similar to other mammals, yet very unique in some concepts.

The main question is not why humans are in a lot of ways similar to other mammals, because that is not a mystery. The fact that a lot of earthly mammals share common traits is because that is how organisms on Earth adapt to this planet’s environment and nature (on earth) seems to think that this design (brain, lungs, arms/legs, blood, drink water etc) is the best design for life on this planet. The question is: where do the traits that only humans possess come from? The common answer seems to be: evolution. It seems that a long time ago (estimates range from a million to seven million years), the earliest humans appeared. According to evolution, they had to have come from apes. But why are apes today are almost exactly like apes a thousand, or a million years ago, possibly with only slight variations, and live in exactly the same way and environment as their ancient predecessors, yet human progress seems to be steaming ahead. People change their world very rapidly, if you look at only a hundred years ago compared to today, computers, internet, cars and airplanes did not even exist or were in their infantile stage. So if humans came from apes, what triggered the switch and rapid progress? Was it a mutation? Scientists really have a hard time explaining and even came up with a concept of the missing link. But this link has never been found and is in doubt of ever being found. But why?

Without further adue, I will summarize my theory now. I believe, that human origins lie beyond our planet. Basically, humans are a product of aliens from outer space and apes. I know that there has been theories suggesting that humans origins lie in beings from other planets, but none has suggested the cross breeding of aliens and apes. But, in fact, this theory would completely explain the unique traits of humans, which would come from extraterrestrials and human mammalian qualities, which would come from apes. It has been researched that human DNA is 98.5% similar to apes. Which means that the remaining 1.5% is our extraterrestrial heritage.

What would be a common scenario for how alien dna has come to Earth? Their ship somehow ended up crashing on planet earth. The surviving beings, let’s call them Sebs, and we are not sure on their number, started living on Earth and lived the rest of their life here. Sebs might have had children among themselves firstly, but along the line interbred with monkeys and with time, their pure lifeform disappeared and by pure I mean where your mother and father were pure Sebs without any crossbreeding from Earthly creatures. Why did Sebs picked monkeys as their partners? Sebs might have seen monkeys as similar to them in some characteristics and its hard to say which ones.

Now, we go one thousand years from Sebs crash on earth. Since Sebs are not Sebs now, but a product of monkeys and sebs, they do not possess nearly as much Seb dna as the original extraterrestrial Sebs did. At some point however, Sebs stopped interbreeding with pure monkeys and started interbreeding among themselves and this is how the human race was born. The early hominid possessed a certain mix of Sebs Dna and monkey dna. The percentage of Sebs dna would be a lot smaller than monkey dna and that’s where the 98.5% human dna similarity to humans comes from. We should also point out that the Sebs dna has characteristics that are remarkably different from any earth based dna and this is where the explanation of incredible human progress comes from.

Why, then, did early humans were so underdeveloped compared to todays humans? Because after the initial several Seb generations died out, the new species (sebs and monkeys cross) regressed. The original Sebs had to be an incredibly advanced species, able to build spaceships and fly to other planets and were clearly technologically superior, it’s even hard to imagine to what degree. They might have had knowledge today’s humans can’t even imagine, much less put into production. But, throughout their countless beginning generations and we are talking about millions of years, and due to their limited number (the original Sebs population might have been as few as a few hundred or even less) they regressed. However, the dormant Sebs dna, which resides in every human today, was the force behind human evolution.

By Serge Bronstein

January, 2009

WebCite archive Jan 25 , 2009



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  1. ozoxchris / Mar 18 2012 6:06 am

    This makes complete sense.

    • Serge Bronstein / Mar 10 2013 8:09 am

      thanks. i am a pretty logical thinker and it made sense to me as well

  2. Gavin Grimshaw / Mar 19 2012 9:08 am

    I kind of always knew I was a hybred deep down even before even reading this, thats why I googled the question, I agree, but I think the aliens did not crash here, they came and crossed us on purpose, and the real person in charge of the world today already knows our missing link is alien. Gavin Grimshaw.

  3. Rich / Jul 18 2012 11:42 pm

    It’s wonderful to see this theory put into words. I’ve thought about this and pondered it for a long time as well. When thinking about the reasons why Sebs (I’m using your terminology because it’s as good as anything) did mix with apes, it seems there could be any number of reasons. If I can make a suggestion, just for discussion’s sake, I would point to one very important and inexplicable factor of “human nature”. That factor has to do with dominance, hierarchy, and superiority over other beings. This could have been because the Sebs, upon crashing on earth and being stranded, needed or wanted workers to build their temples (maybe Mayan, Egyptian, Indonesian ruins etc.). Because apes were the most intelligent creatures on earth, yet still not intelligent enough to become workers, they cross-bred themselves with the apes to create a hybrid that would ultimately become their inferior workers and servants while they ruled earth. This would help explain the seemingly innate characteristic of humans to dominate other humans based on intelligence, genetics (race), and a variety smother reasons. It could also help explain early establishments of polytheism passed down, as humans likely looked to Sebs as their masters (gods). Once the Sebs died out, humans continued these practices letting them take on many different forms as they continued to evolve as a species. Maybe? Possibly?

  4. Prometheus0327 / Sep 20 2012 8:44 am

    I thought I’m the only one who have theories that human beings Is a product of Alien+ apes crossbreeding, my theories is Aliens came here in earth using there space craft since they are Aliens they cannot Breathe the Air here in Earth (besides human being cannot breath In outer space also) and they need to adopt to the earth environments like eating fruits , vegetables without any allergic reactions to them since they are aliens, so they mixed there DNA with Apes , like what we do today in crossbreeding the Lion and Tiger = Liger , for me that’s my theories! Since we have lots of unexplainable amazing ancient civilization like Pyramids in Egypt , u know what I mean..

  5. Chequerboard (@_chequerboard) / Feb 16 2013 9:52 am

    Very interesting piece. I ended up here after watching this video of Nic Gabriel on London Real talking about drinking Ayahuasca in Peru. He mentions a profound moment where he can feel and see clearly and is completely cinvinced that we are a hybrid of Alien & Primate DNA.

  6. Barry Porter / Oct 20 2017 12:56 pm

    If you look at a white human with all hair shaven. They are very similar to our interpretation of aliens. Then think as this article surmises that aliens arrived on earth. And procreated with the strongest similar breed on earth at that time. It would have obviously been apes. So if you cross a white human hairless alien type. With an ape. And fast forward over the many centuries with interbreeding across earth. You would come to the conclusion. That today’s humans are exactly what this inter and cross breeding have produced. As the article mentions. There are still apes in the existing state and the fact that the interbreed humans of apes and aliens are what we are today. It would completely be in line with this article. Mmm food for thought.

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